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Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

In our culture, the word "HOME" means hearth, country, birthplace, rather than the house where one lives. 

HOME is that peaceful, safe place where we feel we belong and our loved ones await and miss us.

In the mystical sense, the HOME is a person's spirit. In other words, home is the truest nest. It is where humans spiritually relax. 

The place they visit in their dreams. They long to feel the peace of home. This longing makes them feel alive. They ache for it. They carry this burden. This burden leads them to rebirth. It wears them out. But it hones them. This burden is their provision on the journey home. It takes them on an inner journey.

Both the effect and the healing are in the inner journey. At the stops of that journey. In the serenity of that journey.

Stay on that path, and you will surely make it home. You must walk that path.

There must be a virtue in every stop, a meaning in every step. Stay on that path until the time is complete.

To be on the path and to stay on the path is to know, to do, and to be. But in order to know and do, one must be

Otherwise, one will trip and fall. Because without morality and decency, a person under the veils of clichés and stereotypes can neither remember himself, nor find his essence, nor create himself, nor reach his home. 

Neither can he discern the road. This is awareness. 

The light we ignite on this road of awareness will illuminate not just our life journey but the future as well. 

Yusuf Beğtaş

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