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The Ship of Life

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
The Ship of Life

As we prepare to say goodbye to the past year, I present this important article as an opportunity for some self-assessment. 

The world is like a sea. And life is like a ship that sails on this sea. 

This sea is often turbulent and choppy. Navigation is inevitably affected by winds and waves. One way or another, ships must sail through this sea.

However, along with the captain, the most important determining factor in this voyage is direction and speed. Nowadays, speed and direction (compasses) have been replaced by technological equipment and tools like satellites.

On the sea of life, speed and direction are determined by inner capacities like morals and virtues. Therefore, it is essential to board the ship of "morality and virtue" for a safe voyage. Otherwise, it is very difficult to sail and make headway on life's turbulent, choppy waters. It will exhaust us. 

He who boards the ship of "morality and virtue" is a good captain. He adjusts his speed according to the condition of waves in the sea. Since he adjusts his speed appropriately, his ship does not drift off course. 

The lifebuoy is one of the most important safety devices on the seas. For this reason, having them on every boat, ferry, ship, and other marine vessel is mandatory. They save people from drowning.

Just as a lifebuoy keeps a drowning person afloat, the breakwaters in the sea of life, like wisdom, respect, love, understanding, humility, kindness, gentleness, caring, compassion, altruism, and forgiveness, keep people on the right course. The lifebuoy is the most crucial safety companion on the seas. Therefore, in whichever area of life one is actively engaged in service (or work), it is necessary to use the moral equipment of truth to find safe harbor. 

Using this moral equipment on the ship of life is exhausting without achieving mental and spiritual balance. It isn’t easy to stay on the right course.

When two important forces, like good intentions and thoughts, come together, it becomes easier for the ship of life to navigate and follow the true course.

Good intentions are spiritual. Thoughts are mental.

Unless one's spirit is cleansed of negativity, even the purest thought gets polluted in the sea of life. It comes under the influence of ulterior motives (evil). 

To stay on the true course, thoughts alone are not enough. The main deciding factor is the thoughts that come from good intentions—and putting these sincere thoughts to practice.

Therefore, to stay on the proper course, thoughts and good intentions must merge completely. Thoughts and good intentions must create unity and synergy without exploitation and abuse. 

Yes, we need the vital seed of love to live. Only if the fruit of this seed is thoughts and responsibility based on good intentions will survival, procreation, and transformation be possible.

Yusuf Beğtaş

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