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Yusuf Begtas:

Spiritual Darkness

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Spiritual Darkness

The essence of humanity is love. When the spirit darkens, the person becomes alienated to his own essence. This alienation, which leads to internal instability, impels a person to negative attitudes and behaviors.

The Lord is present in each person at varying degrees. The smaller a person is, the more the Lord is present in him. Unfortunately, when viewed with a spirit of superiority and ostracism, which pollute the lens of the ego, the Lord’s presence and divine reflection in people goes unrecognized. This divine reflection is especially destroyed by exclusionist attitudes and perspectives that come from a spirit of vengeance.

It is sad and painful to see Christ’s universal message/teaching unable to find a foothold and drown in the murky waters of fixed opinions.

Therefore, someone who bases his/her behavior on any justification for these unsound motives that destroy love not only darkens his/her spirit but also snuffs his own inner divine light and reflection. And this poisons life.

The primary purpose of collective rituals or individual worship (prayer, fasting, etc.) is to maintain this awareness and cultivate this awakening. It is to reveal this light in people which has been trapped by the ego/flesh and find true life.

Of what benefit can this truth be to people if it knocks on every door but is not invited inside?

Those who open the door to this truth and invite it inside are free wise men. Those who do not open the door and invite it in are captive slaves. They must make an effort to break free.


Yusuf Beğtaş 

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