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Yusuf Begtas:

The Book of Syriac Mysticism

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
The Book of Syriac Mysticism

I am writing to announce to those who are curious about and interested in the philosophy that lies in the depths of Syriac culture.

In the previous months, I began working on a book project titled "Syriac Mysticism." The project was completed. However, priority was given to the literary Syriac book published in August 2021, so the publication affairs of said book are only recently completed. 

The cover and interior design of this Turkish book named "Syriac Mysticism" has been completed. In the first weeks of 2022, publication will have been completed as well. When it is published, information will be shared separately on the matter of how to procure it.

I am grateful to all who contributed.

I believe this book will impart new mental activity to the perception and conception of life, as well as the perception and conception of the self. It contains knowledge that is especially formative and transformative for minds under the influence of a negativity prejudice. This priceless knowledge cannot by discovered through any other way. This knowledge strengthens the foundations of life. For to live, one must know; to know, one must ask; to ask, one must answer.

As mentioned in said book, true life is shaped according to spiritual laws. Just as ignorance of the law is unacceptable as an excuse before the judge, unawareness of the divine truths/spiritual laws that shape true life is not an excuse for anyone. It is not a matter of excuses.

Unawareness affects everything in our lives. Recognizing this unawareness causes us to delve into and become established in an occupation that gratifies us. This occupation, which cleanses our spirit from the dust and mud of daily life is a very noble pursuit. This pursuit heals and develops us. It carries us forward. It imparts depth and maturity. Otherwise, ignorance of spiritual laws causes us to flounder and waste time. This constantly drains our energy. It ruins our health. It always leaves us behind.  

For this reason, the famous genius of Syriac literature Bar Ebroyo (1226-1286) originated the saying "Without cleansing of mud, we cannot drink from the spring."

Yes, the fundamental thing in life, which consists of cycles and balance, is to stay in balance. It is keeping the balance between matter/body and meaning/spirit.

The fundamental thing is empathy. It is facilitating life.

It is searching for the ‘You’ in ‘Me’.

It is being able to offer services to the ‘Us’ in ‘Me’.

This is how the successful succeeded. Those who reached it, did so with decency and etiquette.

They did so with the love and respect of completing insights, and not with oppression, exploitation and abuse.

They did so by seeing another as themselves, and accepting them as they are...

They did so by meeting these requirements!

Have a blessed 2022. Have a bountiful, worthwhile, and peaceful year.

Yours respectfully...

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

President of the Syriac Association of Language, Culture and Literature

Süryani Dili-Kültürü ve Edebiyatı Derneği Başkanı / Mardin

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