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Noble Actions

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Noble Actions

If people are returned to life and revived in a particular place/person, that place/person is full of spirit and truth.

Hopelessness, pessimism, hate, anger, ostracism, marginalization, slander, envy, intolerance, vulgarity, instigation, defamation, etc. are the enemies we must defeat in our lives. These attitudes and their similar by-products are like enzymes that block vital energy. They are low-frequency emotions. They poison life. 

The best form of saying is doing. Reason being that life is deepened by consistent, noble, and polite behavior.  Where there is consistent, noble, and polite behavior, there blow the winds of kindness and merciful awareness, people smile, wilted flowers bloom, light shines...

“Nobility does not come from birth but from actions,”  says Plato.

Saint Mor Aphrem of Nusaybin (303-373), a guru of Syriac literature of universal renown writes, “If your house is honored when you host an important person, imagine the honor of hosting the master of everything (God) within yourself.”

Contemporary writer Robin Sharma says, “The only hope for a better tomorrow is to recognize the mistakes of today.”

For an easier and better life, there is a great need for noble actions.

Otherwise, we cannot counteract misunderstandings and negative conditioning.

Misunderstanding isolates people. If sets distances. Sometimes these distances lead all the way off a cliff. 

It must not be forgotten that misunderstanding is the worst kind of disconnection between people. Evil ferments in this schism.

Noble and virtuous actions bridge the gap. 

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

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