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Originality and Differences

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Originality and Differences

In the creation of the universe, it is not the samenesses, but the differences that beautify the meanings of pluralism.

Differences are our originality, our richness. Differences are the requirement of the plan of our Lord, who wants us to need each other. Differences should incentivize us toward social justice and maturity. They should lift up the honor of human beings.

To respect individuals, to see the other as another self, requires respect for the fundamental rights of that person which flow from the honor of being a human being.

The fundamental needs of man are sacred. However, we need to satisfy these needs without doing damage to others, by observing the interests of others, and with ethical consistency.

Ethical consistency secures harmony and trust in relationships. For the sake of mental and spiritual development we need to place a high value on human and social relationships.

In order to establish a partnership of brain-power, we must observe mutual dependence in our needs. In relationships, on the other hand, mutual independence should be taken as a foundation.

In order for a responsible and productive liberty to function, we need to respect originality.

It is vitally important to observe a balance between freedom and originality with an approach that excludes exploitation and taking advantage of people. This is a requirement for the essence of a person to thrive.

The balance between freedom and originality is of vital importance.

Because You are a different I. And I am a different You.

If it is not with you, you cannot see what is with me. You cannot know it.

The one who is true, the one who sees the beautiful, is the one who makes others to be.

That is, while I make you to be yoiu, you also make me to be me.

Our geography, which made you to be you, longs for the convergences that make me to be me. As much as for water and oxigen.

It longs for socio-cultural development, for richness of life, and for attaining once more a productivity that smells of amber.

Tiny particles make diamonds to be diamonds. No value comes into being by itself. Value is created when all of the tiny particles are united rightly.


Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

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