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New Book: Syriac Culture and İnner Transformation

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
New Book: Syriac Culture and İnner Transformation

New Book: Syriac Culture and İnner Transformation

Every thought is a seed sown in the soil of life. Every seed inherently has the potential to sprout into a seedling, grow into a tree and eventually turn into a huge forest. This is because every tree harbours a living essence that develops into fruit. With the right soil, the right aeration, sufficient water and the right care, a seed will inevitably bear fruit. Literary works, much like seeds planted in the ground, need nourishment and development through elements such as air, water, light, love, constructive approaches and sincere intentions. At a time when the need for awakening is paramount and challenges must be overcome, literary works that have lasting significance are of great importance. That is why the excitement and joy of a new book is unrivalled. It fills you with enthusiasm and the desire to share that enthusiasm.

If the heart is not prepared to limit itself to memorised judgements and narrow mental frameworks, it cannot remain indifferent to negative trends. It senses the need to take action. So this new book is born out of the effort and sensitivity of such a feeling. It may be inadequate, but this new work is the humble product of such a strenuous awareness. It is the result of a conscientious responsibility and endeavour aimed at achieving this goal.

Beyond common negative perceptions and traditional thought patterns, this work endeavours to overcome pessimism and awaken hope and motivation. On its journey of meaning, it aims to promote meaningful and healthy growth. It is not just a work that introduces the abstract spirit of Syrian culture. While showing the path of inner transformation, it also emphasises the importance of the journey of meaning. Embarking on this journey in the complexity of life, with the motivation to return to the essential, is a powerful discipline to nourish the soul and reach the truth. Developing a constantly renewing perspective is necessary to overcome entrenched thought patterns and habits that create problems, limit life and hinder progress. This is the only way to achieve lasting and comprehensive progress in the flow of existence.

Culture is like a mirror that reflects the soul and history of a society. The invisible, mysterious spirit of Syriac culture, with its unique and profound history in the Mesopotamian region, is the bearer of a rich spiritual heritage that enables inner transformation. This spirit has survived and reached the present by being cultivated with an ancient philosophy that sustains and liberates. Combining Syriac culture with the theme of inner transformation, this work is not only for Christians, but also a source of inspiration for anyone seeking truth. It offers a recipe for anyone who wants to discover themselves and open the doors of inner transformation. By strengthening the inner levers in the endeavour to grasp the invisible behind the visible, it invites people to a deeper and more meaningful life. When these meanings are internalised and remain alive in the mind, they can lead to new inspirations. A transformative work that defies uncertainties and brings about inner and outer relief or renewal.

In times when the damage to values is evident globally and locally, this approach is crucial for both individual development and social harmony. For the fundamental principle and ultimate benefit of literary power is to empower others.

This book helps us to better understand ourselves through the journey of meaning and makes a unique contribution to our personal growth. It emphasises the importance of stability, which can only be achieved through an inner perspective. It aims to activate human potential (the divine spark), elevate thinking to a higher level, trigger true awakening and promote compassionate consciousness. By emphasising the importance of enlightenment and wisdom, it guides those who wish to understand the philosophy of life and the spiritual world. By illuminating the Syriac teachings and philosophy, it opens the doors to inner transformation and emphasises the paths that lead to inner peace and integrity. When these meanings are internalised and remain alive in the mind, they can lead to new inspirations and even carry one through a process of transformation or renewal. This work emphasises the importance of dealing with uncertainty, accepting differences and the processes of finding meaning and purpose. It emphasises the need to be more compassionate, ethical, humble, courageous, forgiving, appreciative and grateful. True awakening is triggered by embracing the truth, which is all-encompassing and expansive and not bound by patterns and judgements. Therefore, awakening is about recognising this in the midst of the complexity and flow of life. It is about understanding the language and principles of the divine system that serve the peace and well-being of self and society/humanity. This brings with it responsibility. True and noble awakening means learning to value and utilise our spirit and energy (all that is given to us) in the best possible way, while maintaining the balance of body and soul.

The lack of knowledge due to indifference, emotional insensitivity, unstable behaviour and moral indifference due to carelessness cannot be overcome by blind adherence to thought patterns; we cannot break their limiting power. To overcome these attacks, we need to question ingrained thought patterns and discover alternative approaches. The way to do this is through literary works that bring about an inner transformation. But any literary work that is not based on intrinsic value, self-knowledge and self-effort, and is not nourished by the sincere values of truth, cannot contribute to the development of social understanding and the transmission of wisdom. It cannot leave a lasting impact. Ultimately, it leads to disappointment.

Therefore, in times when sincerity is shaken by the shocks of inconsistency, it is necessary to adopt a new perspective of thinking, understanding, future and development in order to preserve development and virtue. With this perspective, we can overcome verbose and ostentatious approaches and in this way enrich and develop the culture we have inherited. A wisdom that preserves the integrity of body, mind and spirit has an understanding that contributes to the development of all professional fields that require expertise. These valuable contributions enrich the perception of self and life and pave the way for a healthy life. But as St Augustine (354-430) said: 'When the eyes are closed, there is no advantage in being close to the light.`

This unique work, which contributes to a better understanding of life and human dignity with the benefit of the inner lights it kindles, will soon be published in Turkish and Syriac. I am pleased to present and announce this new book of 430 pages.

I am pleased to introduce and announce this book and hope that it will be of use to all who read and understand it- at a time when routines are being disrupted, some things are being questioned and people are re-evaluating the reasons that affect themselves and their lives.


Yusuf Beğtaş 

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