CHRİSTMAS 2018 - Karyo Hliso
Yusuf Begtas:


Malfono Yusuf Begtas

The incarnation of Christ is like the glue that holds together all the positive values of life!

The dominant thought of the ego, or “the flesh,” is like a computer virus that takes possession of our internal world -our operating system. The Nativity of Christ protects us from both evil thoughts and corrupted motivations. It is like an anti-virus program, entering our mind, destroying all the fear-centered negative thought patterns there. 

Because the birth of Christ is not merely an event of the past, but rather it is an event of love in the reality of our life, to be continuously experienced. This awareness of love gives energy to the spirit of life. It waters the roots of life. It strengthens the meanings of life.

This awareness has a program for life, to make both the external journey (our worldly life) easier, lighter, and to develop the internal journey. This is a program that works from within, in an outward direction. The communication software is love. To know yourself. To recognize yourself. To know your limit and responsibility.  Spiritual wealth. It is growth in a transformation that requires continuity.

The requirements of growth are: value and goals, with more effective, more lively, more creative, and spiritual harmony for a more a meaningful life, for collaboration, and for sharing.

May you have many more happy Christmases in health and peace!

A Blessed Festival of the Yaldo (Nativity)!

In the joy of this season,

On behalf of

The Association of the Syriac Language-Culture and Literature,


Yusuf Beğtaş


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