Rock and Sand - Karyo Hliso
Yusuf Begtas:

Rock and Sand

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Rock and Sand

Each of us has an essence within us. This is our essence, our true being.

This essence is the soul. It is the place where God dwells within us. It is a reflection of God. It is the purpose of our life. Even our most painful experiences can serve this purpose.

If we can truly turn to this essence, if we can discover this essence, then everything that separates us from ourselves, that keeps us from our humanity, that is not ourselves, will fall away from us. It will leave us.

Please make sure that you pay attention to this essence.

Please try to make this essence your own.

Let us strive to ensure that the passions and ambitions of the ego do not obscure this essence.

The soul feeds on a faith based on rocks.

The soul feeds on a faith founded on rock.

This rock is depth, vastness and stillness.

There is no hardness or nobility in this rock.

This rock is the soul.

This rock is enduring and constructive meaning.

This rock is high frequency motives and solid thoughts.

The ego feeds on a belief that is founded on sand.

This sand is superficiality, narrowness and restlessness.

There is no gentleness or kindness in this sand.

This sand is the ego.

This sand is fleeting and destructive meanings.

This sand is low frequency thoughts and corrupt motives.

The soul struggles with ignorance. The ego struggles with ignorant.

The soul fights with evil. The ego fights with evil one.

The soul fights with egoism. The ego fights with the egoist.

The soul fights with envy. The ego fights with the envious.

The soul fights greed. The ego fights with the greedy.

The soul fights with immorality. The ego fights with the immoral.

The soul struggles with rudeness. The ego fights with the rude.

This is a very important realisation about life. It is not easy to achieve this awareness with prejudices and narrow-minded views.

However, one should know that a cultured person who achieves this awareness after great efforts is like a cultivated soil. He always produces high-quality products. He develops the power of the mind and human abilities. He not only enlightens his surroundings, but also does not fail to prevent harm and bad habits. For he is not the one who disturbs and occupies the other, but the one who can share and complement the other with an understanding of service.

While emphasising these qualities, he does not neglect to keep in mind the words of the famous scientist Albert Einstein (1879-1955): "If you do not give something, you can not get anything. If you are not a good person, you will not find anything good."

Stay happy and healthy.

Yusuf Beğtaş 

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