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Yusuf Begtas:

Alturistic and Egoistic Approaches

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Alturistic and Egoistic Approaches

To renew one’s mindset and avoid remaining at the same level of consciousness, which is shaped by prejudices, established perceptions, habits and environmental influences, promotes ignorance and unconsciousness. This situation is a negative attitude that complicates and hinders life. Therefore, it is extremely important for individual and social development and peace to be open to new information.

The vitality and strength of our cells, which maintain our physical health, depend on the activation of self-compassion or simple/gentle approaches that trigger our inner kindness. These approaches are extremely valuable and useful in the flow of life and they are indispensable. For it is the natüre of human beings to have inadequacies and these inadequacies lead to mutual needs. These shortcomings can only be supplemented by the moral values and virtues that sustain life.

When we sincerely help another human being (or living being) and do good, we actually fulfil this inner deficiency, we complete it. When a person understands himself, discovers his essence, he frees himself from the limitations of time and space. They realise how important this system is in this process.

Therefore, any contribution or kindness that completes another person’s lack not only satisfies that person, but also relieves the contributor.

Our true and noble duty is to supplement each other when there is need, without being arrogant or falling into a sense of guilt, while maintaining human dignity.

In summary, the gaps in us are filled with useful attitudes, behaviours and habits that fulfil the obligations of divine love. When we are useful to ourselves and others to the best of our ability, life becomes more meaningful and our material and spiritual worlds become healthy. For when we complete ourselves, we grow, and when we make others happy, we become happy.

The one who completes something grows. The one who makes happy

becomes happy.

Yusuf Beğtaş

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