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Reflections on the Earthquake

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Reflections on the Earthquake

The pain of the earthquake shows that there is no full ownership of fortune, rank, or power in this world. None of the things we believe to be ours actually belong to us. Everything we possess according to worldly standards has been entrusted to our use for a limited time. We are obliged to put these to good use without resorting to destructive actions. We must act with this in mind while we can. Or else, one day, you might find that the opportunity has either slipped away or we've abandoned it.

The earthquake does not just topple buildings. It also kills. It leaves behind indescribable pain and trauma. However, the contemplations, tremors, shocks, worries, and fears it has caused reveal the defects, selfishness, greed, and irresponsibility, in other words, the false self, which covers the essence and constructive/positive energy of the SPIRIT. With the rubble and debris of the wreckage, the false self and its corrupt motives are disposed of. The TRUE SELF, which peaks with the spirit of responsibility and solidarity, is resurrected. The altruistic true self is at work. 

As reflected on our screens, the magnanimity, sacrifice, indescribable effort, and meticulousness of that true self to save a LIFE in a dire situation, dying under the rubble, is beyond admiration.  If the same diligence and sense of responsibility that motivated and guided those sacred feelings had played a role in the construction of the buildings, the suffering would not have been so severe and devastating. The struggle to save lives from the terrifying grip of the wreckage(s) in a race against time would not have been as painful and grueling. The spiritual crisis and the resulting crisis of meaning would not have been as damaging.

Without further ado, I would like to refer to the thoughts of Prof. Dr. Orhan Arslan and quote a part of the text written by our esteemed professor three years ago after the Elazığ earthquake. As we watch the heartbreaking images transmitted to the screens in our homes, I bring to the reader's attention the quote below as a reminder, which I believe can contribute much to the issue.

Describing the earthquake as "the whistle of a pressure cooker", our esteemed teacher says the following:


Earthquakes are the natural result of crustal movement and occur at fractures in the earth's crust called faults. 

Our planet is divided into large and small plates on the surface. These plates are in constant motion. Triggered by the inner magma layer, they separate from each other.  

The magma is constantly generating stress because it flows in the opposite direction.

This generated stress must be released in one way or another...

Severe earthquakes occur when tectonic plates collide with each other.

If the tension is backward, a tsunami is formed, as in the great tsunami disaster in Japan. 


"What strange creatures you humans are!

I am a natural phenomenon, and I exist. By now, you must be more or less aware of my coming. If not for me, this planet would explode. I am like the whistle on a pressure cooker. 

God placed whistles in some parts of the world so that the stress of the earth does not explode. It was like this before you showed up on Earth.

You are God's special guest. God has set laws for the Earth and matter, just as He has set laws for you. The Earth and matter operate within their own dynamics and reason. Why don't you act in accordance with this law and build proper buildings with proper materials?

Know that the earthquake itself is not chaos but cosmos. If the earthquake causes chaos, it is because of you."

Buildings should not be constructed without ground surveys and the necessary engineering precautions. This is not taking the nature of the Earth seriously. 


People must question themselves when an earthquake happens. What did I do wrong that when the earth quakes, homes collapse, and people die? In short, the earthquake hurts me. One has to seriously think this through...

The world is a guesthouse, and we, its guests. Would God be wrong for saying, "Use my house properly"?

For we humans are destroying God's house where He is lodging us.

Look, the highest magnitude is 8. If we can prepare for an 8, no problem! If an 8 is manageable, perhaps an 18 is too!"

May the Almighty spare humanity. 

May He protect our country and all of us from the worst. 

I wish everyone a speedy recovery.

Yours respectfully.

Yusuf Beğtaş

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