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Yusuf Begtas:

Holiday Message

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Holiday Message

The purpose of human existence is to be a channel for divine love. 

This is possible through a complementary outlook on life. But humans are not complete; they are immature and flawed. 

Therefore, the aim is for them to escape immaturity and embark on a journey of being completed, whole, and perfect.

In the journey of life, sincerity is the product of love. Love is the basis of true faith, its foundation. 

Love comes from the spirit. It complements and enriches life. 

Hate comes from the ego. It interrupts life and disrupts its rhythm.

Love finds peace with the melodies of life. 

Hate becomes restless because of the suffering it has inflicted.

The purpose of human existence is not selfishness. When the purpose is selfishness, the result will be defeat. 

A person whose purpose is selfishness loses his sincerity and ends up putting himself before everyone and everything else, thus destroying the truth.

Sincerity is essential in the journey of life. The LIGHT of truth is not granted to those who do not embark on the journey of sincerity. 

Behind selfishness lies the ambition for domination: In the center is the self /ego: The human desire to subjugate and dominate things, the world, and even people. And the efforts it takes to realize this.

This is why one's sincerity is destroyed by their ambition for domination.

This is why people who strive for domination cannot build a livable world...

Yet the purpose and goal of existence is to seek the truth in order to be a channel for divine love. 

To be in constant search for this truth: It is tough to go on a voyage with the ego, whose only concern is "Me first."

Therefore, this voyage is for those who can overcome themselves and their ego; who think of the interests of others as their interests; who think of other people, of what's best for them, and of their wellbeing. 

People who are not altruistic will inevitably fail on this voyage.  

Only altruistic people who have become channels of divine love can be purified, cleaned, and made better.

One cannot be purified, cleaned, or made better with aspirations for domination but with the conscience of an altruistic person: Such a person finds life, is life, and offers life to everyone.

When one is less selfish or more altruistic, they are constantly fresh, constantly born anew, constantly renewed... 

Only then can we build a livable world.

Because true victory lies not in selfishness but in the pursuit of altruism. In the attitudes of altruism.

With these sentiments, I sincerely congratulate the Eid al-Fitr of the whole Islamic World, especially the earthquake victims who celebrate the joy of Eid in tents with heavy hearts and the respected fellow Muslim citizens with whom we breathe the breath of life together. 

Many blessings!

Best regards,

President of Syriac Language-Culture and Literature Association / Mardin

Yusuf Beğtaş

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