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Yusuf Begtas:

Rational Power and Immutable Constants of Life

Malfono Yusuf Begtas
Rational Power and Immutable Constants of Life

In the process of experiencing mental, emotional, social fragmentation; bitterness encompass thoughts and so does pessimism life.

If thoughts drift into despair, if spirits are broken, holistic perspective is lost.Things get more complicated if one looks just from one side of a coin.

Tigrit-Syriac philosopher and social scientist Malfono Yuhanon Bar Adi (893-974) who lived out his life with intellectual studies and developed solutions to sociological problems in Baghdad, described rational power generated mankind 1050 years ago as follows:” If man lets himself go, power of lust gets him closer to the animals.

The power of passion or rage makes him aggressive or vindictive. However rational power separates man from animals. This force makes him to learn, to be fair in world affairs, talented and kind, patient and modest. If man does condescend to wealth and learn to love his brothers, only then he can achieve wisdom, the most beautiful ornament of soul that can be compared with the pearl.”

For that reason synthesizing this ancient wisdom and civilization, lying depth in the geography we are living today, with a contemporary rational point of view, should be our responsibility and obligation. This task should not be fulfilled with the motive to achieve dominance and power; but with the requirement of to be completed/completion incentive.

If cherishing is the essential thing, we should focus on human virtues that sustain human dignity, meanings, free will, freedom, knowledge, responsibility, life(for the sake of moral consciousness), truth, equity. Ideas should be developed in accordance. Basic needs must be respected and considered in solutions and methods.If everyone behaves seeing both sides of the medallion and engaged in collecting the pieces of scattered spirits with the principle of interdependence which is the essence of life, everyone will see himself in those scattered parts.

Thus, the effectiveness of the accusations and the trials on discursive basis will be broken.Crises, conflicts, experiences, insights and solutions have been lived elsewhere in the world, are all set examples.

Turbulent process and destructions caused by religious divisions and political conflicts in Europe are very well known.

The statement towards the chronic hatred and mentality of the period by Baruch Spinoza, (1632-1677) the most prominent rationalist of 17th -century philosophy in a period of increased social wounds and trauma, bears all stimulating qualities for those who are in charge.

Using rational force in him Spinoza said:“I just try not to laugh and cry for human behavior nor to hate them, but to understand them.”To understand in order not to hurt is very important. Efforts should be intensified to multi-dimensional understandings, projects should be developed.

Every perspective based on merit for understanding, every attempt will be a pruning to the exploitation and dairy cows approach. This will promote and reinforce the democratic understanding and humanity in the course of problem solving.

Though mourning and anger are humanitarian, if the stimulating impulses/responses are conducive to the development of ideas, emergence of rational power, this would be a way out for people who suffer.

Austrian Viktor Frankl (1905-1997) four- year the Second World War prisoner in German concentration camps located in Poland quotes in this regard:There is a space between stimulus and response. Within that space we have the freedom to choose our response and strength. Within our response development and our freedom are reserved. ”

While emphasizing pain has also a meaning ” The important thing is to learn what life expects from us.

….. The ultimate meaning of life, means finding the right solutions to the problems and take responsibility for fulfilling the duties imposed on each individual ” He says.

Paulo Freire (1921-1977), Brazilian philosopher famed with education philosophy, speaks in his book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” to those who have been victimized as follows:“The humanistic task of the oppressed is to liberate themselves and their oppressors as well.

But most of the time when the oppressed strive for liberation they become sub-oppressors and identify themselves with oppressors because they see “humanity” in their personalities. This is an “authoritarian tradition” (prescription) based on internalization the image of oppressor by means of cultural invasion. This is followed by “self-depreciation”.

This is an emotion which is emulation for oppressors’ way of living one hand, and the shame based on the feeling of incapability to achieve this on the other. Liberalization is the denial of this image that belongs to oppressors.”

Because of this reason politics should be conducted not by authority and the boastfulness but with an understanding of sociology, by healing the disorganized and secret tendencies, paying regard to moral values, with compassion and kindness.

Rational way of thinking should be in charge all the time.

Because politics is there to serve mankind, to cherish man and his belongings/values he owns. 

It is the art of synthesizing sociologies. It is the power for ruling the state and general trends. It has functions to structure and develop them all.

Longing for this power is meaningful and beautiful undoubtedly. However, the effort in the core and desire to serve should be longed for, not the benefits, privileges and the prestige.

If we aim to cherish instead of exterminate as brothers and sisters, those who are in power should think and act in accordance with compassion and heart.

Man should contribute to rational thinking and peace through an evaluation consonant with his core.

Because of the evaluations that are deprived of humane core, one cannot build up a healthy freedom in the society.

Or else unjust treatments, injustice, oppression, absolutization, tactlessness and rudeness cannot be avoided.

The real issue is to revise our understanding of describing and evaluating and to ensure the meeting of “compassion and heart”Peace is a mile stone not only for Turkey but also for the people living in our geography, future for beliefs and cultures. It is vital.

It is also essential for international society.

It might be painful because of its nature but as the rational power proceeds in the way to freedom and liberty, the hope will arise.

Social reflections and political conversions will grow.One need to know that, peace is required regarding others as ourselves; and to show respect to the basic rights –based on the humane honor- that is in the core.Peace starts budding when we spiritually start seeing others as ourselves.

Rational power starts. Liberty finds its meaning.Peace is the natural harmony for mankind.

It is the spirit of every kind of development and advancement.

Jesus Christ says “blessed are they who make peace” ( Matta 5:9) to ensure this tranquility sustains avoid the corruption as a result of the possibility of the spirit might break…!

At the threshold of our future, we should avoid being engineers for hatred and grudge but be the architects of PEACE with our rational power…!

Blessed are they who work for peace and who make peace!

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