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To be on the right path and stay on the right path, to EXIST in the journey of "knowing, doing, being", self-discovery and knowledge are of paramount importance.

Existence is a stage of maturity that is attained at the end of self-knowledge, self-discovery, self-transcendence and reaching another. In this regard, existence is a journey of recovery, self-transcendence and personal victory over the self and over all complexes like inferiority/superiority.

This fundamental, unchanging truth of intellectual history, this motto of KNOW THYSELF is constantly used in various forms in many teachings. 

However, the historical background of this idea, expressed in the saying “O human, know thyself!”, belongs to Syriac culture. I have shared some insights on this topic before.

Saint Mor Aphrem (306-373) contributes to the world of meaning by elevating the dimensions of this idea of self-knowledge and self-discovery to a higher level when he says, "If you focus on yourself, you will not need the law. If you understand the universe, you do not need order." 

Due to the weight it carries with regards to self-discovery, I translated saint Mor Aphrem's poem, which can be found in the link below. I suggest that you read and meditate on this text which contains a teaching that cannot be found elsewhere. Go to link.

For according to famous modern writer Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986), "Getting to know yourself is the beginning of wisdom. The secret of the universe lies in self-knowledge. This is an education that no one else can give you, except yourself, and its beauty is here. It requires uninterrupted attention and a constantly questioning mind. You have to learn through observation, struggle, happiness and grief.  

How Can We Find Our Self

O aspirant, follow the silence so that you self can live with it.

Be the eye that looks at itself, never look away.

If you look away from your self you will not be able to find it.

Let your outward emotions be at peace with one another so that your inner emotions may find peace.

If you draw life inward, towards yourself, you will be the eye of the self.

Beware of exterior damage so that you may find meaning within yourself.

Focus the gaze of your eyes on yourself so that you may focus on the future.

Demand the silence with your body language because it is the source of thought and knowledge.

If you are at peace with your self, you will feel the peace of God as well.

If you can stay silent without feeling the need to speak, the magnificence of existence will accept and embrace you.

Haven't you heard these words?

If a person's outer emtions are at peace with one another, the inner emotions will be at peace as well.

In this way, we will receive many blessings and favors.

If we could avoid external words, we would discover endless meanings within ourselves.

If our gaze is directed toward ourselves, then we can meditate on the future.

If we isolate ourselves, our heart will transform into the source of knowledge.

Question the other divine sentences yourselves.

Question them so that you might feel God's silence.

Question them so that the glorious truth of existence may mature within you and become your natural faculty.

Mor Aphrem (306-373)

Translated from Syriac into Turkish by: Yusuf Beğtaş

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