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The False Idea Of What Is Known

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
The False Idea Of What Is Known

The essential is not in the shell, but in the inner man. A wise person once said, "If you seek the essence, break the shell." If the shell remains intact, the essence remains unknown and undiscovered. Just as the symbol of life, the beautiful chick, cannot emerge unless the shell of an egg breaks and gives way. If the egg is broken by an external intervention, the beautiful chick inside also perishes and life remains unattained. Only when the egg is broken by internal forces does the beautiful chick find life and come alive.

Similarly, a person who does not want to be broken by the flow of life must overcome their inner constraints, such as egoism and other negative attitudes, through the wisdom of life. They must overcome these barriers and attain nobility, moral values and refinement of their inner self. Otherwise, life can become a great challenge. Some meanings that influence life positively or negatively are similarly influential. The current problem lies not in unknown meanings but in the misunderstanding, misinterpretation and consequent misapplication of known meanings.

Due to insincere and materialistic/egoistic approaches, cultural and spiritual needs are not adequately met, the meanings of known concepts are not sufficiently grasped and the structure of thought does not solidify. Individual efforts are also inadequate, which is the major drawback that what is recognised as true is misunderstood. This unfavourable situation not only leads to inner emptiness, but also to the individual moving away from the truth and turning to other things. Therefore, it is important that the truths conveyed reach not only the brain but also the heart and soul. Understanding this reality and seeking solutions accordingly is of great benefit.

The eminent writer of Syriac culture, Barebroyo / Abulfarac (1226-1286), expresses his view on this subject as follows: 'The person who expresses the secrets of the soul, if he does not write with the inspiration of the soul and the soul does not express itself eloquently through its words, is nothing more than a musical instrument that produces an impressive metallic sound or a copper instrument that attracts attention. This is because the words of the person who learns the secrets of the soul from the soul have an effect on people and tear all their worries out of their hearts.'

From this point of view, we must be aware of paying close attention to the occasional malicious intentions and poisonous thoughts that cross our minds. For a great OBSERVER records everything somewhere and inflicts the appropriate punishment. An AFTERMATH, which knows the future, also watches us from a distant corner and makes decisions accordingly.

Therefore, we need to strengthen our self-control mechanism (personal control system). This is necessary for individual peace and social harmony. At the end of the day, we will pay the price or the penalty depending on the records of this OBSERVER and the decisions of AFTERMATH.

Yusuf Beğtaş

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