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A Positive Outlook

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
A Positive Outlook

On this topic, author Ergün Arıkdal (1936-1997) writes: "To develop a positive mindset, people must first have a love for creation. Not so much a love for people as a love for creation. To love and respect everything is not to love the appearance of beings, but the ability to see the great purpose, effort, and reason behind their creation. This is love for creation. It is to be able to see the higher power behind something when you look at it, examine it, talk to someone, admire some natural landscape, or even watch an argument, a fight, a rally. But this is not human power. It is the power of the creator of it all. When you realize where it is all going and why it is happening, that means you have a love for creation. And because of this love, a great diversity of positive forms begins to appear wherever you look.'' 

In other words, the purpose of life is to exist with love. 

... And by purging oneself of wrong motives, to serve CREATION with love. To refine CREATION. To magnify CREATION.

In life, the truth and reality are in constant conflict. Perceptions are not formed by truth but by reality. 

Just as in the example of the grapevine and the stick, the purpose built up by a human, who is merely a piece in the completeness of life, should be very near, even inside truth—completeness. 

Reality is under the influence and compulsion of time and space. Truth, on the other hand, is independent. Because it is meaning. It is spirit. This is why Christ says, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." 

In that sense, this spirit has the choice to spread seeds. But the harvest is dependent on time rather than choice.

In this context, modern thinker and author Paulo Coelho writes: "Love is the only thing that transforms a person into someone different from who he is. Our purpose on earth is to learn to love. Life is a process of learning love. To find peace in the sight of God, we must find love while on earth. Without it, we have no value."

When we accept that the most fundamental principle (and ultimate purpose) of power is to benefit and empower others, our outlook becomes clear and positive, and our true self and value is revealed. 

Arrogance, condescension, immorality, ostracization, injustice, intolerance, deception, and illusions have no future.

Yusuf Beğtaş

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