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An Outlook on Life

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
An Outlook on Life

For me, the divine truth or the Lord is love. Pure love..

And life is the reflection of that love. It is a responsibility full of altruism. It is compassion. It is respect. It is guardianship. It is productivity. It is growth.

A multidimensional outlook and a wholistic approach is my biggest thrill.

For me, the meaning of life is being a vine on a stick. I always saw meaning and purpose in being part of something bigger. I never liked the commodification of people. I made contributing and serving with a wholistic attitude. I much appreciated the true servile motives based on joint governance. I believe that paradigmatic politics and a servant leadership that identifies with the public and values social control could be a good solution for all problems.

In my opinion, a lack of knowledge and wisdom, as well as morals and inner strength lies at the core of all problems. Because a person's judgement is directly proportional to their knowledge. The fundamental dynamic of self-control is also related to this.

An Indian proverb says, "A person is a house that consists of four rooms: Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. But one cannot be complete without entering each room every day.

If there is little meaning and knowledge in these rooms, and if the values are deprived of oxygen, the person's inner balance is lost. Their ability to assign meaning is impaired. Their evaluation system is muddled. Their point of view is smudged. They can only see the one side of the coin.

If these inner rooms are ventilated with the knew knowledge of the truth and illuminated with new meanings, change happens. The situation changes.

Because as one's capacity to understand grows and broadens, freedom and individuality come to life. The spirit of self-control grows stronger. The essence of the deeply embedded truth begins to materialize outside.

However, it should be remembered that it takes time for the true self to attain perfection. An embryo does not strive to become a baby and an acorn does not strive to become an oak tree. Likewise, humans do not need to strive to become the person they were meant to be. It is enough that they do not forfeit their authenticity throughout their self-actualization process. When they come forth with the glory of authenticity, life will celebrate their beauty.

The greatest honor is being yourself, staying yourself. How happy are those who contribute to this!.

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

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