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The Fluidity of the Spirit

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
The Fluidity of the Spirit

Life is built on the material and the spiritual. These are in balance. It is vital to keep this balance. This balance is possible through the fluidity of the spirit.

Materialism that neglects the spiritual is simultaneously stoking selfishness in weak personalities. This, in turn, causes spirituality to disappear and the spirit to harden. As the spirit hardens, it cannot flow. Without fluidity, ossification begins. With ossification, spirituality dissolves and life loses meaning. And this inevitably causes inner turmoil.  This turmoil negatively impacts the person's life in various ways. It is necessary to activate the fluidity of the spirit in order to be free of ossification, turmoil and other negatives.

A bee that does not leave its hive cannot make honey, so it is necessary to leave our echo chambers and monologues, opening up to another with sincere awareness. We must establish dialogue. We must give life meaning and contribute to the flow. Coldness is chills and fever by nature. In the words of poet Sohrab Sepehri (1928-1980), "We must wash our eyes to see differently. We must wash our words. Our words must be wind, must be rain."

Modern writer Wilhelm Schmid (1953) has this to say about the fluidity of the spirit: "Matter or materialization is the cooldown of energy. Cooled down energy can be defined as matter. In this case, friendship in the social context is the state in which human relationships do not cool down and the spirit is fluid. This spiritual fluidity could be called sincerity. Every social structure that is not friendly is the cooled down state of human relationships. Naturally, fluidity does not accumulate, but as it cools down and materializes, it begins to be considered and accumulates.

Mor Filiksinos was also a prominent 5th century Syriac writer. He writes, "When the spirit governs the body, all of the bodily reactions turn into healthy and stable reactions. A stability worthy of humankind is attained. If the will of the body were to govern the spirit, animalistic/carnal methods/reactions come into play. A spirit that is bound to the will of the body can no longer govern the body or see itself. Just as it cannot see the desires of the body, it also cannot realize its passions. Like a blind man that cannot even see himself, it loses all vision. The same applies to the spirits that are blinded by sinful passions. They cannot see themselves, or anything beyond themselves."

May you have abundant peace and a beautiful life so that you may take the path of meaning and remain on it.

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

President of the Syriac Association of Language, Culture and Literature

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