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Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32).

Everything starts with seeing, knowing, and understanding the truth. The truth Christ points to is the way of life. The fundamental insight of life. This insight is love. This love harbors no ill will or evil.

Entering the light is the only way that leads to the truth. This is the road of justice. This road improves understanding of what it means to be human. This is the road of love and solidarity. This is the road of merciful awareness. This is the road that teaches us to appreciate and not harm others. This is the road that eases burdens and alleviates hardship. This is the road of virtue. This is the road of humanity!

On this road, talents and capacities do not pose inequality but uniqueness. On this road, there is no superiority/inferiority, there is the sanctity of human dignity. On this road, there is no supremacy, there is equality. On this road, there is no exploitation/abuse, there is solidarity/unity. On this road, there is no homogeneity, there is diversity and pluralism. On this road, talents are not juxtaposed, they are synergic. On this road, there is humility.

Humility is the withdrawal of the soul/ego into its own shell. It means that it knows its place. It means that it respects itself, others, and all existence.

As we advance on this road, we break free of influences of the ego. We realize our responsibility. We experience the pleasure and energy of being the vines on the stick.

No matter how tall a tree grows, if its roots are not deep in the soil, it cannot stay alive. Likewise, as long as people are not attuned to or even deeply rooted in the values of truth, they cannot retain their liveliness and productivity in life.

In order to discover and understand the truth mentioned here, our heart’s eye must be opened from within. To open our heart’s eye, we must get rid of all addictions and voluntary blindness that shackle our spirit, prejudice being the primary example. Because Christ himself is the road that connects reality and truth.  It is love. It is life. It is goodwill. It is justice. It is fairness. It is sincerity. It is loyalty. It is honesty. It is responsibility. It is diligence. It is mercy. It is compassion. It is a remedy.

Christ heals illnesses. He alleviates unjust suffering. He solves problems. 

In Messianic understanding, death is reality, life is truth.

Evil is reality. Good is truth.

Problems are reality. Solutions are truth.

Exploitation and abuse are reality. Solidarity and unity are truth.

Scorn is reality. Acceptance is truth. 

Ostracism is reality. Inclusion is truth.

Irresponsibility is reality. Responsibility is truth.

Imbalance is reality. Balance is truth.

Laziness is reality. Hard work is truth.

Weakness is reality. Power is truth.

Shamelessness is reality. Dignity is truth. 

Unfaithfulness is reality. Faithfulness is truth.

Airs of superiority are reality. Humility is truth.

Illness is reality. Health and recovery are truth.

Deception and misdirection are reality. Sincerity and loyalty are truth.

Victimhood and injustice are reality. Justice and law are truth.

In other words, one of the main purposes of life is to turn our minds, hearts, and spirits into a fertile field that nurtures the seeds of truth, in order to be free in spite of difficulties and batterings. 

This is what matters. When we achieve this, we discover the meaning of life.

Because in all two-sided relationships that concern life, what matters is being supportive with mutual understanding. What matters is doing one’s part for mutual benefit with a sense of responsibility. But when the EGO gets involved, relationships are poisoned and the flow is negatively impacted. All other low-frequency (egotistic) emotions like jealousy, intolerance, resentment, hate, rage, ostracism, conceit, etc. obscure the essence/light of the spirit. They make reality stronger. They harm people’s connection to the truth. In fact, they sever this connection.  For this reason, a person’s personal maturity depends on their connection to the truth, and their understanding and awareness of this connection. Conformity must surely be avoided for the continuity of this connection.  

Nonconformity is not being “like everyone else” but being “like yourself”. On this road, everyone is the owner of their own key. This is the only road of inner enlightenment. It is the most important road to tread.  

The spirit of those who act responsibly and faithfully on this road remains tranquil.   Their intelligence, happiness, and voice is welcome. 

Yusuf Beğtaş

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