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Yusuf Begtas:

Making Life Meaningful

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Making Life Meaningful

The important thing is to make life meaningful. To build bridges instead of walls.

Because life is a journey.

If one thing is clear in this journey, it is existential incompleteness. This incompleteness sometimes turns into unrest.

This is why we begin to walk. 

Why we want to learn.

This is why we run. 

Why we move forward.

Why we experience contradictions. 

Why we muddle along.

Why we worship....!

The real reason why we do all this is to resolve that unrest and feel completed. We actually strive to join the source.

In essence, we are looking for the source.

That source is the Lord. That self is LOVE. 

Therefore, while socializing in everyday life, we should not neglect what is incumbent on us to do in the context of reaching the source.

In the process of carrying out our duty, we should not forget that we are incomplete. Our main duty here is to consummate our incompleteness. It is to increase the spiritual sensations that stem from inner wealth. It is to constantly remember/remind people that we are the separate organs of the same organism.

With a complementary attitude, it will naturally become apparent that our greatest treasure is a love that multiplies and grows when shared with others.

This is why I say that to live is to remember. To live is to share. To live is to serve. To live is to touch souls. To live is loyalty. To live is conscience.

Conscience allows us to get in touch with what's private, social, and universal.

Because everyone has a unique task and mission in life; all are obligated to fulfill a tangible assignment that has to be followed through with. In this framework, no one can be replaced with someone else and no life can be repeated. As such, everyone's duty, as well as the specific opportunities they have to fulfill it are unique.  

This uniqueness means to love, live, learn, grow, improve, act responsibly, and then leave behind a legacy of humaneness and dignity.

Within this uniqueness, social life flourishes by discovering, recognizing, and using certain talents, opportunities, and gifts that have been bestowed for the collective benefit of society and all its members. Thus, social life remains in balance. Life flourishes. 

This balance is formed with a flexible attitude that is selfless, understanding, and dutiful of the demands of love.

This is why I say that the incomplete, unpleasant aspects of life should be compensated with love.

Thus, society can grow in awareness and maturity.

Thus, life-affirming attitudes can come to life.

Thus, we can all be motivated to act more responsibly. Thus, individuality and freedom can thrive. Prejudices and negative conditioning can disappear.

The meaning of everything becomes clear when life is filled with humanity and meaning; responsibility with loyalty; and hearts with love.

There is no humanity to be found in cold and dark voids, but in the light of the person's inner journey, in the flow, wideness, and cleanliness of the path.

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

President of the Syriac Association of Language, Culture and Literature

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