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Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

The creative/constructive thought that ripens in the soul and takes shape in the mind with the motivation of sincere efforts needs no intermediaries. If it is to lock in on the target, this thought requires the expressions of language and assumes the form of a book with the beauty of literature. Thus, it is able to transform the reader's inner duality from opposition into complementary understanding/virtue. Those productive writers who are able to show this boldness and courage and successfully carry this out achieve the highest rank possible. Because they have completed their inner revolution. They are like salt on this Earth, spicing up life with their unique attitude. With their creative productivity/works/experience they present a unique addition to life while they yet live. 

If light and love is to win, there can be no darkness and fear in our thoughts. He who cannot light up his inner darkness cannot uncover the light in others. As it has been said, "A productive writer is one who sees and describes differently the things we all see everyday."

My dear friend Ali Rıza Malkoç is a prolific writer with active and competent skills in sociocultural and sociopolitical fields. He continues to write literary and philosophical books that feed the spirit, illuminate the mind, and enrich one's thoughts. Like a factory of ideas, he expands the horizons of his readers by tirelessly producing ideas of high quality and presenting them in a humane fashion. 

With its moving expressions and powerful allusions to conscience, justice, lawfulness, and the superiority of law it actually invites us to spiritual renewal, intellectual bounds, love, respect, responsibility, faithfulness, morality, and virtue. Because without these, nothing is complete. 

When I read his didactic books woven with themes that depict all facets of life and pack concepts with his personal experiences reach the following conclusion: Any efforts made throughout life without self-knowledge serves darkness. Efforts made with self-knowledge and conscious awareness lead to light. Accordingly, the more love and goodwill there is in the cause of merciful awareness, the more life becomes meaningful and fulfilling. 

Eileen Caddy (1917-2006), a modern writer reflecting on humanity and society and striving to open the doors inside every human, has certain constructive and transformative ideas of the kind that share people's troubles and joys, and keep their secrets. In one of her writings, this famous author exclaims: "Why shouldn't you be the optimistic person that always finds and creates the good things in life? Optimism leads to strength; pessimism leads to weakness and defeat... Let God's power shine in you and create a wonderful, peaceful, and harmonious life around you! When your outlook on life is optimistic, you invigorate and uplift the spirits around you by instilling hope, belief and trust. You will always see that likenesses attract; your optimism will create optimism around you which will accrue like an avalanche. There is always hope for everything in life; even if this hope starts out as a tiny little spark...   When you embrace that tiny little spark in an appropriate atmosphere with love and hope, it turns into a flame and grow and grows, until you burst into flames from God's unquenchable, inexhaustible energy. Once that fire is ignited, there is nothing that can stop its spread anymore..."  

As explained in this discourse, if we try to get rid of the darkness in our minds and hearts, and be the transformation itself, we can rise from the dead as a new person. We have to be willing to be born again into our highest version/potential in order to bring about this transformation miracle. Because our current world is a reflection of who we were and what we did in the past. The world of the future will be shaped by who we are and what we are doing. Awakening and awareness are the first steps toward this. To mature or to stagnate is also in our hands and dependent on our decisions. As long as knowledge does not transform into wisdom (or action), it cannot guarantee moral and good behavior. However, ignorance is the virtual guarantee of immorality and bad behavior. For this reason, we should keep in mind the God will not do for us the things that he cannot do through us.

I believe that the newly-published book titled Ve İnsan Uyanınca has to be read with this sentiment. I view this as a conscientious responsibility. I hope that this book will spark new thoughts based on life, coexistence, and mutual understanding. 

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I congratulate Ali Riza Malkoç from the bottom of my heart on the occasion of his seventeenth book and I wish him health and success. Same to all new books...

Best regards,

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

President of the Syriac Association of Language, Culture and Literature

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