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We Will Either Rise From the Dead, Or We Will Not!

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
We Will Either Rise From the Dead, Or We Will Not!

When we feel Christ internally, rather than externally, the meaning and joy of Easter takes on a very different hue. When we experience Christ in our spirits, hearts, and minds on a level beyond worldly reality we are reborn into the purpose of our creation. We complete our second birth. This is true resurrection.

While the cross was a cursed symbol in the old days, with Christ it became the symbol of the second birth. We cannot be free from the evil deceptions of our ego/flesh without crucifying it. Because in the meanings of the cross there is no place for the poisonous and destructive attitudes of the ego (or selfishness). There are only the values of the spirit. And this means a high spiritual state. The only thing we have to get rid of is the crazy mentality that dominates the worldly system. If we do not crucify our ego/flesh, if we cling to ourselves, the effect of crazy mentalities will continue unabated. It should be known that any efforts made throughout life without self-knowledge serves darkness. Efforts made with self-knowledge and conscious awareness lead to light. Accordingly, the more love and goodwill there is in the cause of merciful awareness, the more life becomes meaningful and fulfilling. This is the very transformation shaped by the meanings of resurrection. It is a resurrection of humans.

In other words, he who can crucify his ego/flesh with the motives of Christ's love is a true human who has managed to clear the mud of selfishness and emotional rubbish dump, disposing of wrong motives. This person who has discovered and knows himself also has the discipline of the spirit of self-control (inner brake mechanism). This person who has self-love and self-respect, knows his self-value and lives his self-nature will cause no disturbance to his environment and sphere of influence/service. For he has attained a life of forgiveness through the resurrection of Christ, who is characterized as the "new creation." He flows in his own channel with the principle of "live and let live" by experiencing Christ spiritually and mentally with an awareness of the divine system. This effort is an expression and consistent moral indicator of the verse, "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me." (Matthew 16:24) 

Therefore, Easter does not only mean the celebration of historical event. While commemorating this celebration during this day of the year, we should not forget that the power of love and forgiveness has overcome the fear-laden powers of the world. If we consider these meanings beyond celebration with their spiritual connotations, the pleasure of our celebrations will take on a completely different meaning. There is no other way to transform our inner duality from opposition into complementary understanding/virtue. Only if we try to get rid of the darkness in our minds and hearts, and be the transformation itself can we rise from the dead as a new person. We can be channels for miraculous events. We have to be willing to be born again into our highest potential in order to bring about this transformation miracle. It should not be forgotten that the state we are currently in is a reflection of who we were and what we did in the past. Our future state will be shaped by who we are and what we are doing. Awakening and awareness are the first steps toward this. To mature or to stagnate is also in our hands and dependent on our decisions. As long as knowledge does not transform into wisdom (or action), it cannot guarantee moral and good behavior. However, ignorance is the virtual guarantee of immorality and bad behavior. For this reason, it is beneficial to know that Christ, who rose from the dead, will not do for us the things that he cannot do through us. Because Christ is a spiritual state. He is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, crucified, killed, and resurrected for our enlightenment. 

This begs the question: Which personality must we develop in order to become the representatives of this unconditional love on Earth and live up to our expectations. How should our character be, moving forward? How can we dress our wounds? 

We have to be born again in order to learn how to dress and transcend our wounds. In order to hand the reins of our life over to these methods, we have to rise from the dirt of the ego/selfishness that covers our essence/spirit. The death on the cross that makes life worth living is the victory of this process. It beacons to the path of this victory. To partake in this victory at the end of our lives, "We Will Either Rise From the Dead, Or We Will Not".

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). When all these things are combined with the message, "Take heart! I have overcome the world," the meanings of the Resurrection are the final and greatest assurance presented to us (for social order and eternal life). These meanings are the yeast. The yeast must raise the dough. It must penetrate the self. It must transform and build up the character. It must discipline the passions and ambitions. These meanings have to find a workspace inside people. 

May the meanings of resurrection warm our hearts and illuminate our minds. May it bring peace and stability. 

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Happy Easter.

Best regards,

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

President of the Syriac Association of Language, Culture and Literature

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