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Yusuf Begtas:

A Festive Visit

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
A Festive Visit

Yesterday, in 18 March 2022, Friday, I visited Mr. Yusuf Türker, President of the Foundation of Midyat Churches in his office at Mor Hobel and Mor Abrohom Monastery. I congratulated him on behalf of his newly assumed foundation presidency and presented my newly published Turkish book titled "Syriac Mysticism". I wished our new president health and success because of his past and presently ongoing efforts.

Despite the cold outside, we bonded over a sense of "merciful awareness" that warmed our spirits. We discussed the importance of sincerity and dialogue. We fantasized about the future. We experienced moments of joy in a mutual exchange of ideas. Once again, I realized that an internalized word resides in the heart. It facilitates life. A word that hasn't been internalized remains a burden. It complicates matters.

My discussion/bonding with Mr. Yusuf Türker took me way back. I felt lost in my memories floating all around me.

As we said in our discussion, compassion is the greatest gift humans give one another in human relationships. Because compassion is a spiritual energy. It makes both sides feel better, both the giver and the receiver. Compassion breeds compassion, it is an emotion that leads to the conscience; it activates the inner voice, the inner alarm system. A person with this emotion bears the responsibility of constantly being useful.

He who achieves compassionate awareness and moral consistency in his words will always be a breath of fresh air in his area of service. Thus, he finds happiness himself and also conduces to the happiness of others. This is a humane obligation for a robust zest for life. 

Because of the mental walls put up between the self and the other in all areas of service related to the social structure, high life energy is activated by keeping sight of the truths that form the basis of merciful awareness and tender actions and sustaining them.

As is known, there is a reciprocal need in the spirit of life. But when it comes to who needs the other more, the true value of something is appreciated in time of its need. 

Mr. Yusuf Türker, who did not abandon Midyat during rainy seasons, resisted the excesses of immigration, and soaked in the rains that poured for the sake of Midyat's historical values, has been serving Midyat in mental silence all this time. Without seeking anyone's appreciation, he has continued his service in various roles. 

Without saying "Not my problem, someone else can worry about it," without giving way to arrogance, being obstinate, boasting, or showing off, he continues to think ahead and work to protect the historical churches of Midyat.

Let's not forget that the more sincere people are the wealthier and more prosperous they get. The more they voluntarily share and do favors for others, the more human they become. In that case, we should seek ways to benefit our area of service and society, to bear useful fruits for our own peace of mind and vitality. 

Despite everything, working for the benefit of society and the motivation to be helpful in this regard is nothing more than merciful awareness activating the human alarm system and servile motives in a positive way.

Best regards...

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

President of the Syriac Association of Language, Culture and Literature

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