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The Essence and Blessing of Good Deeds

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
The Essence and Blessing of Good Deeds

The essence of goodness is leaving undercurrent negative emotions behind and putting our talents and resources at the use of other people.

We should know that all the good deeds done out of the goodness of our heart and without expecting anything in return will be reciprocated with added blessing.

By doing good, we benefit ourselves more than others. 

When we lend a hand to a talent, when we open doors, our own hands are spiritually held and doors are opened for us. We gain strength together with the weak and needy. They get on their feet while we begin to walk. 

Helping and supporting one another for the benefit of the fellow man is imperative for inner peace. Favors done out of compassion bring particular joy to the spirit. They bestow peace and serenity on the mind. 

Every good deed done according to divine standards, from the heart is reciprocated in entirely different forms of blessing. In due course, every effort made towards helping others will be reciprocated thirty, sixty, or hundredfold, like cast seeds sprouting out as ears of grain.

Those who can comprehend this divine truth are gifts unto others as much as they are to themselves.

The protector will be protected. He who shows mercy will see mercy...!

Mercy is not pity... Mercy means choosing not to hurt...

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

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