Inner STRENGTH - Karyo Hliso
Yusuf Begtas:


Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

The ego/self is like a gatekeeper on guard duty at the spirit's castle. The price of entry is bribery and lip service.

For the ego/self tends the gate of the spirit, girded with the garments of the fabric woven from Shu’loyo’s (the arrogant one) threads/meanings; namely fixed opinions, self-importance, haughtiness, conceit, vanity, stereotypes, prejudice, negative conditioning, delusion, ostracism, alienation, association fallacy, etc.  

Unfortunately, said GATEKEEPER drives away those who bring or evoke the meanings of Shumloyo (the complementary logic) and does not allow fresh air/new thoughts into the castle. He wishes to breathe the air/meaning that is to his own liking. Put differently, he demands a bribe from SHUMLOYO’s life-changing, encouraging meanings/values that consecrate genuine/consistent morality in exchange for access to the spirit's meaningful world. 

Since we like carnal desires, egoistic attitudes/passions, and personal gain better, we are quick to please the girded gatekeeper with the bribery he enjoys so much. 

Perhaps this is why the divine light of TRUTH cannot easily access our mind/spirit/heart. It cannot imbue our character. Perhaps this is why we cannot experience the life-giving awareness and pleasure of that LIGHT!

As humans our main task in life is to keep going with a motivation that questions the circumstances and draws the necessary conclusions, to cover distances with growing maturity, and to become one with the SOUL. We must let the soul flourish. We must let the soul free.

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

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