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Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

Logic is the name of the approach that develops/says what we should do. 

Morals is the name of the knowledge that develops/teaches what we should not do. 

We must continuously make an effort to honor a reasonable and moral life for the sake of peace and stability. We must glorify this honorable life in our thoughts, words and actions (practices). However, this depends on the cleanliness of soul/heart. 

Because when the cleanliness of soul (heart) is neglected, the becomes dark and hard. Building a development on the hardened heart is like trying to plant seeds into the rock. 

As the fertile soil is needed for the growth of seed, so the undarkened and unhardened hearts and the reasonable and moral transactions that glorify pacifism are needed for the cultural development. 

PEACE that requires consistency and personal integrity is a water of life and a lifestyle which begins in the inner world with a spiritual awakening and which must flow in the social platform. It must first begin in the inner world in the human being, and gain meaning and shape there and flow into the veins of life. It must feed thoughts. And it must enlighten and empower the light side (the other side is the dark side) of the duality within a human. 

It is written that while one of the elders of the Cherokee tribe of Indians (the native Americans) was talking to youth people of the tribe, said these words: 

“There are two wolves within us and there is an awful war between them.” 

One of the wolves represents the anger, envy, pride, lies, acting superior and selfishness. 

The other one represents the peace, love, hope, sharing, generosity, humility, kindness, friendship, mercy and faith. 

One of the members of the tribe asked, “So, which wolf will win?”

The elder answered shortly, “The one you nourish…” 


Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

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