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Words and Seed

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
Words and Seed

We should never give up hope in the seed that has been sown and burried. In the field of life, seed with no root of practice will not produce a harvest.

For the mind of man, words are like seed cast into the soil.

The human being is continually experiencing the effect of the words he knows or in which he takes an interest. His speech and his mentality (and his practice too) will take shape according to the words with which he lives. And that becomes his world.

So a person’s intellectual and spiritual development is directly proportional to the measure of the words and concepts he knows.Words have the effect of aligning the spirit and disciplining the soul in good manners.

The training of the heart that aligns the spirit is not a phenomenon that happens everywhere in the same measure. So every individual must make his own journey within the world of the words he experiences -within the meanings of words and their phrases.

…and an individual’s understanding with regard to his place/station in life develops naturally as long as he matures (evolves) in discipline, love, responsibility, awareness and life experience.

Love and knowledge means discipline. However much an individual is full of love and knowledge, to that degree he attains to modesty. However much an individual attains to modesty, to that extent he distances himself the feelings of superiority. He accepts others as they are.

In a world where everything has a limit, the singular goal of knowledge and love, which do not fit into limitations, is spiritual development. In order to speed this up it is necessary to learn new words and new meanings. Because education is the on-going process of educating the individual. The foundational goal of education is life-long learning. That is life-long development of discipline and a spirit of self control.

As the sciencist Einstein said, “If you will make war, make war against ignorence.”

As it has been said, “The world does not turn around those who make noise, but around those who create new values (through education).”

As the old proverbs say, “A shallow creek makes noise,” and, “Quiet waters run deep.”

So dry transference is in no way useful.


Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş

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