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Yusuf Begtas:

Transformation of the Resurrection

Malfono Yusuf Begtas
Transformation of the Resurrection

‘‘Why to you seek the living one among the dead?  He is not hear; he has risen’’

(Luke 24:6)


The causes of torment are the love and necessary help that are withheld from others.

Alternatively and with paraphrase: Withholding love and necessary help to others torments the conscience of the withholder and the lives of those from which it is withheld.

Personal growth happens, not when we focus upon the duties of others but rather upon our own responsibilities.

The factors that make love impossible are tragically ruthless and terrifying.

The Holy Spirit makes the impossible possible. He does the things we cannot do, in our name and on our behalf.  He gives to us portions of his own power.

The sufferings, cross, death and resurrection of Christ bring us all the way to true life and true salvation.

The deep meanings of this salvation are the development of spiritual mind and growth.  The spiritual mind is fulfilment. It is forgiveness.  It is mercy. It is kindness. It is loveliness. It is good conduct. It is mutual aid. It is solidarity. It is understanding. It is according to right measure. It is responsibility. It is service.  It is moderation. It is humility. It is defense and ownership of all that is good. It is to stand with what is positive. It is constructiveness. It is development.

It is growth and causing to grow. It is to be saved from the oppression of the ego in order to have internal freedom. It is self-control.  It is internal discipline. It is tranquility.

In a person’s spirit there are three powers: intelligence, volition, emotion…

While the spiritual mind develops our thoughts, our volition, and our emotions, it both strengthens and also disciplines us.  The spiritual mind directs us in good directions.

The source of universal love and universal thought is the spiritual mind with a man. According to this mind, there are two kinds of change: positive and negative.

Positive change fulfills. It moves us toward perfection. It makes us grow. It liberates us.  It matures us. It increases our own value. It gives us meaning.

Negative change, on the other hand, degenerates us. It shrinks us. It makes us selfish.  It imitates superficially. It makes us fanatical.

Every change that is contrary to the spiritual mind is evil.

The change that exalts methods and tools is a hindrance to attaining the goal.

This is a constant cycle, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

To find relief, we must increase our world of faith, our world of emotion, our world of meaning. This is awareness.

According to this awareness, the fundamental truth, that is the grand truth, is one. That is the Lord.  He is light.  He is love. He is wisdom.

If our personal righteousness is near to absolute righteousness (truth), if our love is near the great love, if our light is near the great light, our knowledge near the great knowledge, our intelligence near the great intelligence, our wisdom near the great wisdom, then we are able to pass through the gates of renewal and positive change.

The resurrection of Christ is a transformation that causes us to experience the joy of renewal and positive change.

In this transformation, the power of love is foundational.

This transformation does not sanctify the love of power, but rather the of love. Just as the Living One defeated death, so in this transformation, the power of love defeats the love of power.

May your Feast of the Resurrection be hallowed. May it be blessed.

Alternatively: Happy Easter.  May it be blessed in every way?

And may it heal social wounds with its transformative effect. May it enthrone a democratic mentality that rests upon love of life and true peace?

May the Power and Light that rolled away the stone on the mouth of the tomb of Christ, which was bored into the rock, grant stability especially to Iraq and Syria, and to our region; may it grant peace on the fraternal peoples here. May it bestow lasting peace upon the world.

In the love of the Resurrection that gives warmth to life, I wish you all the best.

With respects from Mardin

Malfono Yusuf  Beğtaş

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