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Yusuf Begtas:

Overcoming the World

Malfono Yusuf Begtas
Overcoming the World

Jesus Christ did not say anything that did not have a spiritual dimension. His teachings develop concepts for experiencing spirituality in the temporal realm.

One of these concepts is, “I have overcome the world.”

The “world” is made of billions of egos. Every person is a microcosm, a little world.  Here we can legitimately take the “world” to be the natural self, the ego.

Human maturity—the perfection of the spirit—could not happen if there were no self, no ego.

It is necessary to overcome selfish desires in order to perfect the spirit and comprehend the truth. As the natural ego is trained, the spirit comes into line, and comprehension increases.

Life is a journey. It’s a long road.

If there is one thing that is ever-present on this journey, it is incompleteness and want. This incompleteness and want turns rather quickly into thirst.

Therefore, to quench our thirst, we begin to walk. That is why we desire to learn. That is why we run.That is why we go forward. That is why we experience contradictions. That is why we struggle desperately.

That is why we worship.


We do everything to quench that thirst and find fulfilment. We are wearing ourselves out to reach the source.

We are searching for the source.

That source is the Lord.  The Son of God is the embodiment of the love of the Father.  He is eternal LOVE—the Source we seek, the Christ.

That is why, while we join in the daily rush of life, while we struggle in our frustrations, we had better not neglect the things we need to do in order to reach the source.

Our mission is, while we are in the process of performing our responsibilities, to not forget that we are human, incomplete, and wanting. Our duty is: to complete our incomplete aspects; to increase the feeling of the inner world that comes from richness of heart; and to always remember, and remind each other, that we are different organs of the same organism.

If we live with a completing-our-incompleteness approach, it will become self-evident that the greatest treasure we have is the love that multiplies and grows the more it is shared.

That is why life is a joy. Joy is remembering. Life is sharing. Life is serving.  Life is to visit hearts—to have heart to heart encounters with others.  Life is loyalty. Life is conscience.

The conscience secures our ability to connect to both the private, the public, and the universal dimensions of life.

Because, everyone has a work and a mission unique to himself in his own life-span. Everyone is required to fulfill a concrete duty, the accomplishment of which is obligatory. Within this framework, no one person can be substituted for another, and no life can be repeated. From this perspective everyone’s duty is inimitable, as are the special opportunities that fall into each person’s hands.

This inimitability requires us to love, to live, to bring life to others, to learn, to develop, to develop others, to behave responsibly, and afterwards to leave behind a humane honor and a legacy of humanity.

When we discover, recognize, and use some of our talents and opportunities within this inimitable mission, we enrich the life of society; because these talents and opportunities are given for the common advantage of the community and for everyone. This keeps balance within the life of society. It gives life to the church.

This balance takes form in an unselfish, understanding, and flexible disposition, which fulfills the requirements of love. 

So, I say, let the areas of life that are incomplete and without taste, be filled with love.

Let them be filled, so that social awareness and maturity will develop.

Let them develop, so that life-loving approaches will be re-vitalized.

Let them be revitalized so that they direct us to more responsible behavior.  Let originality and freedom be strengthened.

Because when life is full of humanity and reality, when responsibility is full of loyalty and delight, and when hearts are full of love, the meaning of everything comes out into the open.

Because spirituality and humanity, are not found in the cold nor in the darkness, but rather in the brightness of the road by which a person travels, in the flowing movement upon the road, in the breadth of the road, in the cleanness of the road.

May we be accompanied along our way by days which increase our spiritual awareness and intuitive associations.

Yusuf Beğtaş

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