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Yusuf Begtas:

The Glow of the Spirit

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
The Glow of the Spirit

"Self-knowledge and self-understanding" are critical to discovering the truth and self-realization. Knowing is more general, whereas understanding is personal. One must first understand himself/herself and then know that self. Saint Anthony (251-356) says, "To know God, you must first know yourself."

To know oneself and to be aware of one's own actions is to grow in a spirit of self-control that contains both enlightenment and mindfulness. Therefore, those who know and control their thoughts, actions, prejudices, attitudes, and identities have taken responsibility for all their actions. This is on course for good, truth, beauty, and balance. On this course, freedom is morality. And morality is responsibility. But the death of morality is the greatest danger threatening this course because a good life is on the right course and with the right morals.

In this context, famous scientist Farabi (870-950) has said, "Know the truth first; only if the truth is known can the wrong be known; if the wrong is known first, the truth will never be discovered." 

Truth is a very deep human concern. Culture is the key to morals and virtues and discovering the truth. But going inside is optional. Each person must open that door themselves. Without opening that inner door, the filters of human perception are not cleaned. Because of the obstructions in these filters and the low level of perception, life is not seen as it is but in fragments. 

If they have a sense of responsibility, those who realize this will surely find themselves on an internal journey. On this journey, they will be acquainted with the concept of "second birth.” With this acquaintance, they will begin to associate quality with thought. This finds meaning in proportion to the person's sincerity and earnestness. In this sense, honesty means earnestness. An earnest/sincere person loves what is good. Without the second birth, which is based on improvement and quality, the sincere and true life that upholds goodness cannot come to pass.

Being born again is a tiring and occasionally painful, arduous process that begins with breaking the mold, getting rid of inner veils and masks, full of internal and external conflicts.

Coal turns into diamonds under high pressure. And the high pressure of suffering proves the person's quality.

The glow of the diamond cannot be seen without cleaning off the thick coat of mud on its surface. Likewise, in order to see the glow of the SPIRIT, we must clear off the thick coat of mud that covers it. For true life, this is not a choice but a necessity.

Yes, we need the vital seed of love to live. Growth, survival, transformation, and development can only happen if the fruit of this seed is thought. 

However, it is important to learn from the past and not be stuck in our old ways. We need to pay attention to our deeds. Because the future is shaped by how the present is evaluated. If institutions take responsibility together with individuals and their activities include an effort towards this goal, there is a good chance that the goal will be realized. Otherwise, disappointment is inevitable. Being sensitive to social issues is a duty of altruism, which seeks long-term gain. In the fulfillment of this duty, the material must support the spiritual. The mind, with its knowledge, and the spirit, with its love, should be at work. 

Yusuf Beğtaş

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