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A Cultural Visit

Malfono Yusuf Beğtaş
A Cultural Visit

Culture is the meaning of the learning journey, the lamp of the mind and spirit.

Cultural weakness is not just one weakness but a weakness in every respect. Cultural weakness, which reinforces the negative impact of conditioned reality, leads to an eclipse of the Self and the mind.

The security provided by material wealth to the spiritual and mental world is bound to cultural wealth. No matter how tall the mountain of material things/carnality/selfishness is, the path of culture spans them.

One of the main goals of healthy living is to turn life into a learning space. Not just for ourselves, but for others, for everyone...

To be able to do this with love is very important for social development because lighting the way of learning illuminates the present and future.

If we contribute to life in this regard, life will not forsake us and will surely give us what we deserve.

However, if we fail to learn and expand our cultural awareness, our hearts become cold and callous. Founding development on top of a callous heart is akin to planting a seed in a rock.

Just as seeds require fertile soil to grow, cultural development needs warm, soft hearts and cultural transactions. 

These cultural visits are among the activities that nurture people's humanity and strengthen their spirits. They are important agents of development.

For as long as I can remember, I have valued being together and spending time with people of high cultural awareness. 

On Saturday, March 18, 2023, Mr. Salih Nergis, Director of Civil Society Relations of the Governorship of Mardin, together with Mr. Mustafa Aydın, Director of Trade of the Governorship of Mardin, and Murat Aydın, we went on a pleasant trip down the historical corridors of Syriac culture by diving into the historical depths of our ancient city of Mardin and exploring them. We visited some of our churches and monasteries with a spirit of sincere awareness.

From the intellectual interaction of this visit, I realized again that what is important and right is not to lose the spirit of compassion in the difficulties of life, to grow in compassion, and to enable compassion and understanding.

To uplift and sanctify human dignity with the awareness of the path we tread...

This road links the side roads of the inner world to the main road of the divine system, which leads to the truth.

On this path, "Respect is listening, in order to understand; learning, in order to pass it on to others; being open to criticism, in order to be criticized; accepting differences, in order not to marginalize..."

Although bumpy, this is a beautiful path to tread.

This is the path of inner enlightenment.

This is the path of decency and morals.

This is not the path of being "like everyone else" but being "oneself", the path of individuality.

The greatest achievement of a person who walks this path is to know himself and to be able to cope with himself.

The ancient philosopher Seneca (4 BC - 65 AD) said, "The most misleading path is the one that everyone has traveled."

Yusuf Beğtaş

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